The Astrological Concepts Of Zodiac

The Astrological Concepts Of Zodiac preethi zodiac mg 218

The word Zodiac comes from the Latin zodiacus, and from the Greek word whose meaning is – little animals in a circle. Another school of thought suggests that the word was itself derived from sodi – from Sanskrit meaning ‘a path’ – the path traveled by the sun. To most astrologers, the latter etymology is more probable, as not all the signs of the Zodiac are animals.

The twelve signs of the Zodiac that are associated with the stars lying along the path the Sun takes, was developed by the Indo-European cultures.

The Ancient Signs Of The Zodiac

The first known celestial coordinate system dividing the elliptical into a dozen equal celestial longitudinal zones can be attributed to the ancient Babylonian astronomers circa 1000 BC. The Zodiac, understood to be a part of the celestial orb, included a strip of eight degrees in the form of an arc, on both sides of the elliptic.

This led to encircling the path the Moon takes, along with the paths taken by the planets that could be seen by the naked eye. These planets – Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Venus were known as the wandering planets, differentiating them from those known as immovable stars.

The classic Zodiac also has signs not represented by the animals, such as Libra, Virgo, and Gemini. Those ancient astrologers, along with the astrologers of the Indo-European and the Chinese cultures understood that the way the celestial bodies moved through the elliptical Zodiac explaining and predicting the future occurrences on Earth.

The classic astrologers of old, it is believed, specified the signs of the zodiac by using the Aldebaran and Antares, which respectively are the stars in Taurus and Scorpius – the two constellations. These are two stars, on the opposite sides, and serve as equatorial nodes (or poles). These stars were near the very heart of their respective constellations, as well as on the opposite sides of the elliptic. They were designated Taurus 15 (the center of 30° designated for each portion of the Zodiac) and Scorpius 15.

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